Royal Government of Bhutan

Ministry of Agriculture & Forests, Department of Forests & Park Services

Watershed Management Division

REDD+ Secretariat

The assessment of the Bhutan’s Forest Reference Emission Level (FREL) and Forest Reference Level (FRL) by Technical Assessment Team is now complete and accepted for final publication in the UNFCCC platform.

The proposed Forest Reference Emission Level and Forest Reference Level was developed by the technical team from Forest Resources Management Division (FRMD) and Watershed Management Division (WMD) and was submitted to UNFCCC in January 2020 as part of REDD+ Readiness Phase preparation.

The FREL & FRL provides the baseline estimates on annual emissions of carbon dioxides (CO2) from forests and annual net sequestration of CO2 by forests of Bhutan respectively and will be applicable during the REDD+ implementation phase. The FREL and FREL along with the assessment report on the Bhutan’s FREL and FRL is now available in the UNFCCC web platform. Please visit the following link for the reports.