Royal Government of Bhutan

Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources, Department of Forests & Park Services

Forest Monitoring & Information Division

REDD+ Secretariat

Watershed Management Division and Forest Resources Management Division in coordination with FAO are jointly organizing a training workshop on the Activity Data Generation for Forest Reference Level/ Forest Reference Emission Level (FRL/FREL) reporting starting from 14 th -18 th August at Hotel Ariya, Thimphu. The technical training workshop which is part of the REDD+ readiness preparation is expected to build technical capacities to use the SEPAL platform to process geospatial data and generate maps suitable for activity data in the context of REDD+, with hands-on exercise performed on the pilot zones of the country and develop base/resources to finalize activity data generation at national level within the year 2017 for the construction of the FREL. The workshop will be funded from the Readiness Fund of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Funding of the World Bank.

Event Date: 2017-08-14