Royal Government of Bhutan

Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources, Department of Forests & Park Services

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REDD+ Secretariat

For centuries, Bhutanese have treasured the natural environment and have looked upon it as the source of all life. Bhutan wishes to continue living in harmony with nature and to pass on this rich heritage to her future generations. As per the provision of Forest and Nature Conservation Act 1995, Chapter 6, section 21(A) and subsequently targeted by the Department of Forests and Park Services in establishment of twenty Heritage Forests in the Country in the 11th five year plan, Territorial Forest Division, Tsirang in consultation with various stakeholders such as Tsirang Dzongkhag Administration, Tsirangtoe Central School and Geog Administration have established a heritage forest at the ruin dzong and Nye site at Tsirangtoe geog.

Pemachoeling Heritage Forest adopted by Tsirang Forest Division was officially inaugurated by Tsirang Dzongda, Dasho Ngawang Pem on the 16/09/2017. The ceremony was attended by Regional heads, Section heads, Gups of Tsirangtoe, Phuentenchu and Sergithang Geog, Principal, Teachers and students of Tsirangtoe Central School, local communities, students of Tsirangtoe CS and staff of Tsirang Territorial Division.

With the objective to protect the natural forests and rehabilitate degraded forest ecosystems around the archeological sites (ruin dzong and Gompa (Nye)) and to preserve the cultural and spiritual values attached to this historical site including protection of Rajapani springsheds, an area of 18.211 hectares (45 acres) will be preserved for all the times to come. The area comprised mostly of Pinus roxburghii, followed by Schima wallichii, Quercus griffithii, Quercus lanata, Lyonia ovelifolia and other under storey species with diversity index of 1.55.
Territorial Forest Division, Tsirang will be implementing the planned activities based on the management plan developed for the period of ten years (July 2017 to June 2027). The establishment of Heritage Forest was supported by Bhutan REDD+ Readiness Program funded by Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) of the World Bank. “

Reported by Tsirang Forest Division.